How to call Armenia

dial 011 + 374 + area code + phone number

Calling Armenia from the United States explained:

Area Codes:

Abovyan 222 Gavar 264 Spitak 255
Alaverdi 253 Gyumri 312 Tashir 254
Artashat 235 Hrazdan 223 Vanadzor 322
Echmiadzin 231 Kapan 285 Yerevan 10

Neighbors of country:

Azerbaijan | Georgia | Iran | Iridium Satellite | Turkey

Information about country:

The history of Armenia includes early Bronze Age civilization, reached high level of development, independent Emirate period during the Middle Ages, being a part of Ottoman and Persian Empire, incorporation into the Russian Empire in the early XIX century, the Soviet Era. Since 1991 Armenia is independent nation, building market economy, but keeping economic and social ties with Russia and other countries of the former USSR. Armenia was the first country to declare Christianity as its religion (in 301 AD, by official version). A very important national symbol is Mount Ararat.