How to call Canada

dial 011 + 1 + area code + phone number

Calling Canada from the United States explained:

Area Codes:

Banff, Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat 403, 587 Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Jasper, Peace River 780, 587 Abbotsford, Richmond, Vancouver, Whistler 604, 778
Victoria 250 Manitoba 204 New Brunswick 506
Newfoundland 709 Northwest Territories 867 Nova Scotia 902
Nunavut 867 Hamilton 905, 289 London, Windso 519, 226
North Bay 705 Ottawa 613 Thunder Bay 807
Toronto 416, 647 Prince Edward Island 902 Quebec City 418/581
Laval 450 Montreal 514, 438 Sherbrooke 819
Saskatchewan 306 Yukon Territory 867

Neighbors of country:

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Information about country:

Russia is the only country in the world with area larger than Canada. Some of the most recognized symbols of Canada are maple tree and maple leaf. Maple leaf is present at the National Flag of Canada, where two red vertical stripes at the edges symbolize two oceans - the Pacific and the Atlantic. The land between these two oceans has different types of natural zones. The most populated part of Canada is within 100 miles from the border with the United States. The US is the key economic partner of Canada. There is also significant partnership with Japan, China, United Kingdom and other countries of Europe. Massive immigration since French and British colonization make Canada one of the most culturally diverse nations of the world. English and French are two official languages. The most important part of economy is mining and processing natural resources (coal, oil, gas, uranium, logging timber) and export of such resources products. The modern history of Canada starts from July 1, 1867, when the British government granted Canada self-governing and it became the first dominion within the British Empire. Since then July 1st is celebrated as Canada Day. The Head of State is the British Monarch, represented by the Governor General, but the real power is in the hands of the Prime Minister. One of the most popular sports is ice hockey, the first modern hockey Game was hosted at McGill University in Montreal in 1875. By the way, Montreal is the city with the second largest Francophone population in the world.