How to call Chile

dial 011 + 56 + area code + phone number

Calling Chile from the United States explained:

Area Codes:

Antofagasta 55 La Serena 51 Rancagua 72
Arica 58 Linares 73 San Antonio 35
Chillan 42 Los Andes 34 Santiago 2
Cohyaique 67 Los Angeles 43 Talca 71
Concepcion 41 Osorno 64 Temuco 45
Copiapo 52 Ovalle 53 Quillota 33
Curico 75 Puerto Montt 65 Valdivia 63
Iquique 57 Punta Arenas 61 Valparaiso 32

Neighbors of country:

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Information about country:

The territory of Chile has been inhabited for more than 12000 years. The first European visitors were members of Magellan expedition. Spanish conquistadors came in 1540s. National independence gained in 1818. In 1973 after failure of Salvador Allende socialist program the power in the country was overtaken by General Augusto Pinochet military junta. Since 1990 Chilie returned to democratic way of government system. Some of the main factors of economy are mining, fishing and exporting their products. Living standards and level of economic development of Chile are one of the highest in Latin America region. The most notable natural zone is Atacama desert, which is the driest place on the Earth.