How to call Colombia

dial 011 + 57 + area code + phone number

Calling Colombia from the United States explained:

Area Codes:

Armenia 6 Cartagena 5 Neiva 8
Barranquilla 5 Cucuta 7 Palmira 2
Bogota 1 Ibague 8 Pereira 6
Bucaramanga 7 Manizales 6 Santa Marta 5
Cali 2 Medellin 4 Villavicencio 8

Neighbors of country:

Brazil | Ecuador | Iridium Satellite | Panama | Peru | Venezuela

Information about country:

First human inhabitants settled on the territory of Colombia several thousands years B.C. Spanish rule started in the late XV century and ended in the early XIX century by forming of the Republic of New Granada. Later it was renamed after Christopher Columbus One of the most serious issues the country struggles with is cocaine/drug trade, however crime rate has significantly decreased, and Colombia became a popular tourist destination. Export of coffee also plays important role in Colombia economy. Another notable fact: Colombia is home for popular singer Shakira.