How to call Egypt

dial 011 + 20 + area code + phone number

Calling Egypt from the United States explained:

Area Codes:

Alexandria 3 (El) Minya 86 Rafah 68
Aswan 97 Fayoum 84 Shebin El Kom 48
Asyut 88 Giza 18 Sohag 93
Beni Suef 82 Ismailia 64 Suez 62
Cairo 2 Luxor 95 Tanta 40
Damanhur 45 Mansoura 50 Qunea 96
El Mahalla el Kubra 40 Port Said 66 Zagazig 55

Neighbors of country:

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Information about country:

Egypt is home to one of the most famous ancient civilizations. And Ancient Egypt main legacy, Pyramids, are one of the main sights attracting tourists. Since the first human settlements on it's territory several thousands years BC the Nile River plays very important role in development of agriculture and the whole economy. Another significant transportation gateway is the Suez channel, used for 7.5% of worldwide sea shipments. Egypt history includes pre-historic, Ancient, Ptolemaic, Roman, Arab, Ottoman and British Protectorate periods. Egypt became an independent republic in 1953 de juro and in 1956 de facto, after complete withdrawal of the British Forces from Suez Channel Zone. The leader on phone and telecommunications services market is Telecom Egypt SAE also know as Telecom Egypt. Originally it was founded in the middle of the XIX century, when telegraph service started operation in Egypt.