How to call Hungary

dial 011 + 36 + area code + phone number

Calling Hungary from the United States explained:

Area Codes:

Budapest 1 Kecskemet 76 Pecs 72
Debrecen 52 Miskolc 46 Szeged 62
Gyor 96 Nyiregyhaza 42 Szekesfehervar 22

Neighbors of country:

Austria | Croatia | Iridium Satellite | Romania | Serbia | Slovakia | Slovenia | Ukraine

Information about country:

Geographically Hungary located in the Central Part of Europe. One of the most frequent things coming to mind when Hungary is mentioned is goulash, traditional Hungarian soups and stews prepared of meat, vegetables and various species. It's the base of the satiric idiom "Goulash communism", regarding to 1960s-1980s socialistic regime of Hungary, combined principles of socialism and free market. Another notable historic fact is that Hungary was the first country to form hussar type of cavalry. And Rubik's cube is the most famous invention made in Hungary during the newest history period.