How to call India

dial 011 + 91 + area code + phone number

Calling India from the United States explained:

Area Codes:

Agra 562 Dhanbad 326 Meerut 121
Ahmadabad 79 Faizabad 5272 Nagpur 712
Allahabad 532 Hyderabad 40 Nasik 253
Amritsar 183 Indore 731 Patna 612
Asansol 341 Jabalpur 761 Pune 20
Bangalore 80 Jaipur 141 Rajkot 281
Bhopal 757 Jamshedpur 657 Surat 261
Bombay 22 Kanpur 512 Vadodara 265
Calcutta 33 Katwa 3453 Varanasi 542
Coimbatore 422 Lucknow 522 Vijayawada 866
Combay 2698 Ludhiana 161 Vishakhapatnam 891
Delhi 11 Madurai 452 Wardha 7152

Neighbors of country:

Afghanistan | Bangladesh | Bhutan | China | Iridium Satellite | Myanmar | Nepal | Pakistan

Information about country:

The population of India, including various ethnic groups, is the second largest in the world. A very huge influence has been made by such religions as Hinduism, Buddhism (India is home for Hinduism and Buddhism), Sikhism as well as Christianity and Islam. The history of India started more than 30000 years ago. Several empires existed during the history. The British rule period from the middle of the XVIII century ended by gaining independence in 1947. Significant contribution into it was made by ideas and efforts of Mahatma Gandhi. A very important role in Indian history was played by cast system until the middle of the XX century. Bengal tigers as well as elephants and Asiatic lions are the internationally recognized animal symbols of India and Indian nature. In addition to diverse nature and the Ganges river as the sacred place in Hinduism, lots of tourists from worldwide are attracted to Taj Mahal and other monuments of history. Indian culture is very rich and includes such widely known things, as yoga, Ramayana and other myth/epic literature, Kama Sutra and even chess.