How to call Ivory Coast

dial 011 + 225 + phone number

Calling Ivory Coast from the United States explained:

Neighbors of country:

Burkina Faso | Ghana | Guinea | Iridium Satellite | Liberia | Mali

Information about country:

Cod'Ivoire, formerly Ivory Coast, officially the Republic of Cod'Ivoire, is a country in West Africa. The government officially discourages the use of the name Ivory Coast in English, preferring the French name Cod'Ivoire to be used in all languages. With an area of 322,462 km2 Cod'Ivoire borders Liberia and Guinea to the west, Mali and Burkina Faso to the north, Ghana to the east, and the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. The country's population, which was 15,366,672 in 1998, is estimated to be 18,373,060 in 2008.