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dial 011 + 1 + phone number

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Iridium Satellite

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Jamaica is located in Central America, and the most of it's territory is the island with the same name. The first people settled there several thousands years BC. The first European visit (Columbus expedition) occurred in 1494, Columbus declared it to be the territory of Spain. By the middle of the XVII century Jamaica came under British rule. During the following period Jamaica became one of world leaders in production and export of sugar and rum. Rum is still one of the most frequent associations connected with Jamaica. Independence from Britain was gained in 1962. Currently the key role in the economy of Jamaica are played by international tourism, aluminum production and bauxite export. Ian Flemming, the author of James Bond series, resided Jamaica and even set some of James Bond stories there. Also, the reggae style of music was formed in Jamaica, and one of the most famous reggae singers, Bob Marley, is from there. Jamaica is home of Rastafari movement as well.