How to call Japan

dial 011 + 81 + area code + phone number

Calling Japan from the United States explained:

Area Codes:

Asahikawa 166 Kawaguchi 48 Osaka 6
Chiba 43 Kawasaki 44 Sakai 72
Fukuoka 92 Kita-Kyushu 93 Sapporo 11
Funabashi 47 Kobe 78 Sendai 22
Gifu 58 Kurashiki 86 Shimizu 543
Hachioji 42 Kyoto 75 Shizuoka 54
Hamamatsu 53 Matsudo 47 Tokyo 3
Hateruma 9808 Matsuyama 89 Toyonaka 6
Himeji 79 Nagasaki 95 Urawa 48
Hiroshima 82 Nagoya 52 Utsunomiya 28
Ichikawa City 47 Niigata 25 Wakayama 73
Kagoshima 99 Oita 97 Yokohama 45
Kanazawa 76 Okayama 86 Yokosuka 46

Neighbors of country:

Iridium Satellite

Information about country:

Japan is the only remaining Empire in the world. However, currently the role of Emperor is merely ceremonial: the monarch symbolizes the national unity. One of the most notable aspects of Japanese history are the samurai- the feudal cast which played important role in life and development of Japanese society from the Middle ages through the period of isolation (XVII to the middle XIX century) and Meiji Restoration (leading to modernization of the country in Western way) until after World War II. Demilitarization of Japanese economy resulted in several positive outcomes, such as development of different kinds of industry (such as automobiles manufacturing), high technologies and electronics. Traditions still play important role in life of the society. The religions with the most numbers of followers include Shintoism and Buddhism. The earthquake on the March, 11, 2011 and it's consequences demonstrated serious challenges and questioned future development and use of nuclear energy worldwide.