How to call Kazakhstan

dial 011 + 7 + area code + phone number

Calling Kazakhstan from the United States explained:

Area Codes:

Abay 721, 725 Chapaev 711 Priozersk 710
Almaty 727 Karaganda 721 Sarkand 728
Aktau 721, 729 Oktyabrskoe 714 Taraz 726
Aktobe 713 Otegen Batyr 727 Temirtau 721
Astana 717 Pavlodar 718 Atyrai 712
Petropavlovsk 715

Neighbors of country:

China | Iridium Satellite | Kyrgyzstan | Russian Federation | Turkmenistan | Uzbekistan

Information about country:

Kazakhstan, also Kazakstan, officially the Republic of Kazakhstan, is a large country situated in Central Asia and, according to EU leadership, Eastern Europe. Ranked as the ninth largest country in the world as well as the world's largest landlocked country, it has a territory of 2,727,300 km It is bordered by Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and China. The country also borders on a significant part of the Caspian Sea.