How to call Madagascar

dial 011 + 261 + area code + phone number

Calling Madagascar from the United States explained:

Area Codes:

Antananarivo 22 Mahajanga 62 Toamasina 53
Antsiranana 82 Maintirano 69 Tolagnaro 92
Fianarantsoa 75 Manakara 72 Toliary 94

Neighbors of country:

Iridium Satellite

Information about country:

Madagascar, or Republic of Madagascar, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean of the southeastern coast of Africa. The main island, also called Madagascar, is the fourth-largest island in the world, and is home to 5% of the world's plant and animal species, of which more than 80% are endemic to Madagascar. They include the lemur infraorder of primates, the carnivorous fossa, three bird families and six baobab species.