How to call Mozambique

dial 011 + 258 + area code + phone number

Calling Mozambique from the United States explained:

Area Codes:

Beira 23 Manica 251 Quelimane 24
Chokwe 281 Maputo 21 Tete 252
Inhambane 293 Nampula 26 Xai-Xai 282
Lichinga 271 Pemba 272

Neighbors of country:

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Information about country:

From the early XVI century untill 1975 Mozambique was a colony of Portugal. After a period of internal conflicts the country an economic growth started since the early 2000s. The main sectors of economy are agriculture as well as industry connected with natural resources and their products. However, tourism grows over the last few years. An interesting fact: Mozambique is the only nation in the world to adopt national flag with Kalashnikov assault rifle also known as AK-47, what symbolizes defense. Since 1992, after the end of civil war, Mozambique was one of the leading nations in Africa by pace of telecommunications development. Growth of cellular phone services rapidly increased in 2003, after Vodacom Mozambique came into business and started competition with mCel, a division of TDM, national carrier. However, market penetration is still well below the African average. The government is intent on introducing competition to the fixed-line sector as well, but it is hesitating to privatise TDM. INCM is in charge of regulating and licensing telecommunication services . The limiting issue of Internet network development is insufficient infrastructure, increasing its price, but mobile broadband services market experiences growth, special role is played by coming of fibre optic cable as well 3G network. Further development of fiber optic and broadband network result in decreasing of cost of telecommunication services for customers.