How to call Zimbabwe

dial 011 + 263 + area code + phone number

Calling Zimbabwe from the United States explained:

Area Codes:

Bulawayo 9 Harare 4 Mutare 20
Gweru 54 Kadoma 68 Raffingora 667

Neighbors of country:

Botswana | Iridium Satellite | Mozambique | South Africa | Zambia

Information about country:

The territory of Zimbabwe includes various forms of natural landscape and diverse wildlife. Several kingdoms existed within the current territory of Zimbabwe until late XIX century, until then the economy used to be based upon international trade. In 1880s Zimbabwe came under British rule which ended in 1980. Currently the main sources of revenue are mining and, to lesser extent, tourism and agriculture. Despite several issues the nation struggles with, such as healthcare, the literacy level of Zimbabwe population is one of the highest in the whole African continent. The level of telecommunications development is very moderate. One of the main phone system issues is maintenance.